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Xi'an panorama in THREE DAYS

Tour Description:
Day 1:Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 8:30am or 9:00am ,you will first visit the Banpo Village Museum,which is a typical cultural remains of the Stone Age,followed by a lunch in a local restaraunt.After lunch ,you will visit the Terra-cotta Warriors and the Huaqing Hot Spring Palace.


Day 2:Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 8:30 or 9:00am ,in the very early morning,you will first visit the renowned Buddist temple named Big Wild Goose Pagoda,followed by a very decent art museum named Tangbo Art Museum,which is a museum for displaying the traditional Chinese painting or calligraphy .Then you will have a lunch in a local restaraunt,after lunch,you will visit the ancient City Wall and the Grand Mosque.


Day 3:Meeting in the lobby of the hotel at 8:30 or 9:00am,and today’s tour is a special visit in the suberb of Xi’an,you will first visit the Zhaoling mausoleum ,which is the tomb for one of the most outstanding emperors in Chinese history named Li Shiming,the second emperor from Grand Tang empire.After this visit,you will have the full afternoon to explore in a very unique village named Yuanjia Village,you will have a new recognation about the life of the Chinese farmers.Lunch will be in the village.


Attraction Description:


Banpo Village Museum ,the first national musem built on the original excavation sites.In the early 1950s,this sites was discovered when the local farmers were building a coal power station,and it was found to be a typical remains of a matriarchal clan community with a history over 6000 years according to the study by the archeologist, and a spectacular museum was built on the site and opened to the public in 1958.The village remains consists of three parts,including the resenditial section,pottery making section and the semetery section,sysmetically reveals the real life of the people during that period of time.(Day 1)



Terra-cotta Warriors ,known as the Eighth Wonder In the World.In 1974,when several farmers were digging a water well nearby the tomb of the first Qin emperor,the fragments of the Terra-cotta figures were found.Latter on,it’s fund to be a huge underground army built in the Qin dynasty ,which can be dating back to 2200 years ago.It’s considered as one of the most important archeological discoveries in the 20th century in China.

On the moment when you enter the museum,standing in front of the thousands of the life size terra-cotta warriors,you will not say anything but “Woo!”,it seems that those warriors have come back to life telling us the story happened about the lost Qin empire.(Day 1)



Huaqing Hot Spirng Palace, an imperial resort center at the foot of the Lishan montain with beautiful park,ancient buildings and numberous remains of the cultural sites such as the pools used by the ancient emperors or concubines from the Grand Tang dynasty,which can be dating back to 1300 years.The hot spring park has become very famouse because of its beautiful park inside ,amazing architectures on one hand and the very important historical event remains like Xi'an Incident on the other .(Day 1)



Big Wild Goose Pagoda,originally built in the Grand Tand dynasty in 648 AD,also knowns as the Temple of Thanks Giving since it was built by one of the most tallented emperores named Lizhi to show his appreciation to his mother who passed away very early.Knowns as one of the most renowned Buddist temples in China ,it had witnessed the preverlance,develepment,prosperity and decline of Buddism in ancient China,even the glory of the Buddism had faded away ,however, we can still smell the fregarance of the insense and feel the the great inner peace broght by the Budda .Walking around in the beautiful temple ,standing in the very front of the pagoda,let’s put our hands together to pray for our familie and friends in hope that everyone could have a peaceful,prosperous and enjoyable life.That is the meaning of a visit,that’s what we should learn from the enlightened Budda.(Day 2)



Tangbo Art Museum,which is an art center for displaying the Chinese folk art like paper cut ,clay scupturing ,shadow play and the Chinese painting and calligraphy,you may have the chance to pick up your own brush to learn more about the Chinese calligrapy on the rice paper,it is going to be a lot of fun and memerable,especially for the one who loves tradtional Chinese art.(Day 2)



City Wall,one of the best preserved walls all around China with a history over 600 years,dividing the whole Xi’an city into two parts,including the inner city known as the old town and the outter city .This city wall goes all around with a perimeter about 13.7km (8.5 miles),the four major city gates,guard houses,battlements are still perfectlly preserved,you may climb to the top of the wall to have a very relexing walk to have a spectacular view of the old town inside the wall,or you can even do biking on the top of the wall ,feeling the very tender wind blowing over your face to get a smooth touch of the history back to the Ming dynasty,or getting sweeted to realease the passion from your deep heart.This is the city wall ,you will love it.(Day 2)



Grand Mosque,located in the very donwtown of Xi’an,in which the local moslems are centralized.Different from the typical mosque,the grand mosque has no round domes reaching to the sky,no minerit,which looks like a Chinese garden with pretty wooden arch,pavillions and towers.Walking inside the mosque,you may come cross the local moslems wearing the little round white hat since it’s still functioned.After the visit to the mosque,exploring in the very alive moslim quarters will be another highlight in Xi’an.You may see the local moslems cooking the street food like kababs and pickled beef ,selling the dried friut and 100% knock off staff,and you will get into the real life of the local people (Day 2)



Zhaoling Mausoleum is the mausoleum of Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty (618-907); he was one of the most brilliant rulers in Chinese history. Located in Jiuzong Mountain, 83 kilometers (51.5miles) from downtown Xian.Zhaoling is the largest among the 18 mausoleums of the Tang Dynasty. It is also one of the largest royal mausoleums in the whole world.The mausoleum is on a small mountain called Jiuzong Mountain. While touring the mausoleum area, you can also visit a museum that was built on the Jiuzong Mountain called the Zhaoling Museum,a large number of the valuable cultural artitacts discovered around Zhaoling is displayed there,such as the delicate tiles,the magnificient stone sculptures and so on.(Day 3)




Yuanjia Village,located in Liquan county,about 70KM away from Xi’an,is considered as the Alive Folk Art Museum in Shannxi Province.It used to be one of the poorest villages in that region in 1950s,around 300 people in the village had incredable hard life.Starting from the early 1970s,under the leadership of the head of the village named Guo Yulu,the whole village had a tremendous changes.On one hand,farmers were motivated and the agricultural productive capacity was improved since the policy of the private onwnership of the land had been carried out ,on the other hand,the famers in the village made great effort in building up new factores such as the brick factory,cement factory and some other newly emerged industries like transportation and tourism.With the great effort they made,the Yuan Village is selected by the central goverment as a Model Village for the rest ones in the whole country since it set up a ggod example showing the way how to make famers be better off,because of this,this village had attracted numberous high rankng officials from the government and countless visitor from the other regions.
From this tour,you will have a very unique experience in the countryside and you will see the big progress the farmes had made in the rural area in the past 30 years.

Optional Stop ,Visit or Entertainment:

A.The stop in the workshop for making Terra-cotta Warriors if you want to learn more about the YCW or SHOP.

It’s a workshop originally for making the lacquered wares,like the lacquered table,chairs and so on,but latter on,because of the discovery of TCW,they began to make the reproductions of the warriors,one hand ,they try to show the visitor how the warriors are made ,you may see how those craftsman doing carvings on the faces of those warriors,which is the most impressive or difficult part for making those warrors since you can not find out the twins among all those warriors,and also ,you may see the kilns for baking those warriors,it’s quite intresting.On the other hand,they do sell those warriors for business from the tinny size to the life size,if you really like somethings as a gifts for friends or familes,you may go for it.But you don’t have to buy anything since nobody will push you to do that.That is the information about this workshop,it’s better to make everything clear before anyone who wants to join this tour .Please do let us know if you do not want to make a stop there .


B. The dumpling banquet and the Tang Dynasty Show in the evening.
Dinner show in the Shannxi Grand Opera House,which is the most traditional dumpling banquet and the Tang dynasty show,the dinner will be the most traditional dumpling ,and this dumpling banquet contains some 16 courses of the different shaped dumpling with very different fillings inside,some will be made in the shape of a chiken,which indicates the fillings inside will be chiken meat,some will be made like a duck,meaning the filling is duck,so it will be another intresting and cultural eating experience.For the show,it's called the Tang dynasty show,it’s known to all that Tang dynasty is the most prosperous and glorious society in the Chinese history,which is called the gooden age,so this show fully shows the prosperity of the Tang empire in the feild of the imperial life ,the art,religion ,music and so on by the menas of graceful dancing and singing.From this show,you will see how beautiful and colorful costume in the Tang dynasty is ,and how elegant the dance is.