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Countryside Tour


Tour Description:
Zhashui,named after the Zha tree and a river,a small county located on the southern part of Qinling Montain,which is about 64 km away from Xi’an.And this countryside tour is about this small but beautiful place.
This tour will start in the early morning, after some 20 min driving along the high way,you can not see the plain any more but the huge montain with steep cliff ,and you will drive through numberous tunnels digging inside the montain,and the longest one  is about 20km,ranking number one in Asia .Because of this tunnel,the distance bettween Xi’an and it’s backyard garden has been shortened.
You will first pay a visit to an amazing karst cave on the middle part of a montain. This cave is very famous because of the beauty of the stalactite formations.Walking inside the cave,you can even hear the sund of the water drops from the top,it seems that the clock stopped working,it’s such a quiet and peaceful place.Looking at the different shape of the stalactite, Some of the Stalactite look like the hidden dragon,some ox,you may deeply amazed by the power of the God for creativity.Lunch will be in a local farmer’s house ,and you will try the real local speciaties.
Honered as the backyard garden of Xi’an,this small county is not only famous for the natural seneries,but also famouse for the mushroom or Chinese fungus since the Zha tree is one of the best materil for cultivating Mushroom spawn on one hand and the subtripical climate on the other.Encouraged and supported by the local government,a large number of the local farmers begin to grow this plant in a large scale,and their living condition is getting better and better.You will visit a mushroom farm during this trip and you will get a taste of the life of the farmers in the countryside.
The last stop for this trip will be a small town named the Phinex Town with a history over 200 years.It’s not like the water town in southern China with conel or bridges but the blue stone paved street with rows of the old style house on the both sides.Walking along the street,you may still see the blacksmith raming the iron ,or you will see the old man squatting along the roadside making shoes by using a kind of thin and long grass,you may see the old women making a kind of deep-fried but curved dough and selling it ,they are making of living by doing this.It’s something very different from this modern society,something very primitive but real and exsit.
This tour will cover a distance over 250km and over 10 hours.

Transportation:Private Car

Duration:One day

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