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Hot Spring Tour

Tour Description:
This is a special tour for families or friends who want to try the Chinese hot spring.It covers the bath tour in Tangyu ,Lantian county and a visit to a very famous Taoist temple named Shui Lu An Temple.
Tangyu,located in Lantian county,which is about 40 km away from Xi’an.It’s considered as the number one hot sping in China with a history over 2000 years,along the history,it used to be the imperial resort center starting from the Han dynasty and got prosperoured in the Tang dynasty(6th century -9th century) ,numberous ancient emperors ordered to build the palaces there.Till to the Ming and Qing dynasties,four impressive imperial pools were still preserved and used,which attracted hundreds and thousands people from every corner of the country to take a bath for relexation and healing different disease.It’s known to all that the Tang Yu hot springs contain so many different type of the trace element such as potassium,magnesium,iron,calcium and iodine and so on ,so it’s good for human tissue metabolism and dealing with psoriasis, chronic eczema, chronic arthritis and strain of lumbar muscles.
Jumping into the pool,having a cup of coffee or tea,closing eyes and your mind will be flouwing up to the cloud ,just like Mark Tuen said,:”In this place ,you will forget yourself in 5 min and the world in 20”.
After the hot spring relexation ,you will pay a visit to a beautiful temple named Shui Lu An,about 20 km away from Tang Yu.This temple is not very big,however,it’s very delicate with peaceful montain on the back and river floaing around.The most amazing thing is that you can see some 3000 pieces of the painted clay sculptures on the wall in the prayer hall,and those detailed and impressive clay sculptures vividlly show the whole life of the founder of Buddism.And all the sculptures are from the Tang dynasty with a history over 1300 years.
After the very nice bath in the hot spring,this stop will be another mental pilgrimage.

Transportation:Private Car

Duration:One day

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