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Hiking Tour


Tour Description:
This is a special tour for the professional hikers or the lovers of hiking.It is a great chellenge to all those people who are trying to do it physically and mentally.
What you are trying to do is to climb to the top of the Hua montain,one of the most famouse montains all around China.There are 5 peaks on that montain,including the eastern peak ,western peak,southern peak ,northern peak and central peak,if you have a birdview to this montain ,it looks like a lotus flower,that is the reason why it’s named as Hua montain,which means the lotus flower montain.
This tour may take about one day since that montain is about 120km away from the Xi’an city.You will first take the cable car to get to the northern peak ,then it’s going to be the show time.Starting from the northern peak,you may reach to each single peak,of course, this will be the most exciting and chellengable part during the climbing.Sometimes,the stone step is only about 1 meter wide and it is the steep cliff on the both sides,sometimes,you have to bend over to get through the stone cave.Standing on the top ,you can clear see the yellow river flowing around on the foot of the mountain,just like a snake.Looking at the sky with the wind blowing over your face,you will realize how close you are to the heaven.Nomatter you can make it to the top or not,for anyone who loves nature or hiking,you should not miss it.

Transportation:High Speed Train or Private Car.

Duration:One day

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