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Booking and Payment

Booking step

Step 1:Enquiry

Step 2:Get a quote

Step 3:Free changes

Step 4:Payment

Step 5:Confirmation


Option 1:paypal

Using Paypal is safe and easy! Just:

1: Sign up for a Paypal account

2: Link your Paypal account to your bank account, credit card, or debit card

3: Use Paypal to pay when you checkout

4: You’re done!

You can sign up for a Paypal account here:

Our payment account is and if you book the tour with us we request 100 US dollar as a deposit for the confirmation of the tour.

If you want us to book hotels, airfare, train tickets in advance for you then we request you should pay for more deposit!

If you want to make the full payment of the tours via paypal or credit card then you have to pay extra 4% service fee charged by paypal.

Option 2: Cash

After booking and confirmation, we accept cash payment when we meet up on the day of your tour. However, to avoid last minute cancellations, we have a 10% non-refundable deposit policy if you choose to pay with cash.

If you are absolutely certain that you will not cancel, please contact us to negotiate the terms of cash payment. We are flexible and wish to accommodate to your every c


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