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Xi’an surrounding Tour

Tour Description:
Xi’an surrounding tour is the tour to the Longmen grottoes ,one of the most famous Four Great Grottoes in China.It’s located in Luoyang city,Henan Province,which is over 400 km away from Xia’n.The grottoes started from 493 AD during the Northern Wei dynasty to 907AD in the Tand dynasty,collected the most scaled and outstanding sculpturing art .Along the red cliff,you may enjoy over 10,000 pieces of the art sculptures,including the fingures in Buddism such as the statue about Śākyamuni,the founder of Buddism,the cavings on the stone tablets and so on.The biggest statue is over 17 meters,while,the smallest one is only 2 cm tall.Those ones somehow reprent the highest level of the sculpturing art in ancient China and displays the changes and developments in the filed of politics,religion ,economy,culture and so on.
In 2000 AD,it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Transportation :High Speed Train , Bus and Taxi

Duration:One day

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