Xi’an ,named Chang An in ancient times,considered as one of the oldest cities in China. This old land had cradled the most prosperous civilization under the sun; this inland city had served as capital for ancient China for 13 dynasties as long as 1100 years;this ancient capital had witnessed the rise and fall of the most glorious empire in the whole world;this lost but peaceful city had entertained countless guests from overseas thousands years ago,who came to China along the Silk Road for cultural exchange,study or visit …. Is that all about Xi’an?There are much more.The shinning glory had gone,however,the old color has never fadad away!


Flash016 Baltimore, Maryland

For anyone going to Xi'an a tour with Allen is an absolute must. He leads a fantastic and full experience of Xi'an and nearby sights in addition to the Terra Cotta Army visit. Although I have been to China many times and seen so much, our time with Allen stands out as my finest memory of this wonderful country. For anyone going to Xi'an a tour with Allen is an absolute must. He leads a fantastic and full experience of Xi'an and nearby sights in addition to the Terra Cotta Army visit. Although I have been to China many times and seen so much, our time with Allen stands out as my finest memory of this wonderful country.


“An Outstanding Guide in Xian”

Anne TP,ortland, Oregon

We were very lucky to have Allen as our guide during the two days we spent in Xian in September 2011. Allen's English is excellent and he is extremely knowledgeable about the history of his city and his country. We saw the highlights of Xian, including the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Wild Goose Pagoda, and the Muslim Quarter. In the evening we feasted on an amazing array of dumplings and watched a colorful and entertaining Tang Dynasty Stage Show. Throughout our stay Allen was organized and kept us on schedule, yet at the same time was flexible in meeting individual requests and needs. Most enjoyable were his enthusiasm and sense of humor, which made the stay even more memorable! I would recommend Allen without hesitation as an outstanding guide.



Gary1688, Taipei


Allenguo,the founder of Xi’an Private Tours,he has being working as a proffessional English-speaking guide for over 7 years and he had obtained so many posotive reviews on internet.Enlightened by one of his clients,he started his own tour business and established Xi’an Private Tours in 2011.But he is not fighting alone,he has built up a wonderful team with tallented guides ,experienced drivers and great partners all around the whole country. It’s ture that Xi’an Private Tours is a young on-line tour agency and operator based in Xi’an,it’s young ,but it’s growing,it’ s small,but we make every effort to make big things done.Starting from the time when the company is established,we try to devote ourselves in providing an unique way for our clients to discover a real Xi’an,we try to delight each single guest to ensure they will have an enjoyable and meaningful visit in this great city. On behalf of all the team members,Allen would love to invite all the friends from home and abroud to come to Xi’an for visit,study or stay.And we belive your stay in Xi’an will be one of the best memerable experience during your whole China trip with our acompany. Come to Xi’an ,come to China!

ANN (An Le)

Graduated from Xi’an International studies universuty, Ann has been a tourguide for more than 4 years already. As an English major together with the frequent practise, her language proficiency is well mastered. Four-years’ working experience has highly improved her ability of organization, cooperation and communication, as well as the strong sense of responsibility and service. Esp. she loves her job from bottom of her heart and she has an active, optimistic, eannest personality. So she has always received the very good feedbacks from her tourists and made friends with them which inspire her a better and better work.

Betty(Jiao Yan)

Betty,graduated from Xi’an University of Technology majoying in tourism English,she has being working as a proffessional guide for over 7 years,she loves history,art and culture very much.In the past few years,she had met a large number of overseas tourists,with the love and passion towards the job she does,she had received great reviews from the guests,which made her feel so proud and satisfied.She always says:”Be a good guide,be a good person and enjoy life everyday.”

Christina (Chen Xiaoyan)

Chris, short for Christina. She is a local in Xi’an with over 6 years working experiences in guiding,she knows so much about Chinese history ,culture ,local custom and speciaty.She would love to show the clients the best things in Xi’an with great passion and smile,with her accompany,your Xi’an trip will be one of the best memerable one .

JULIE (Cheng Jing)

Graduated from Xi'an International Studies University ,Julie obtained her master degree in tourism in 2003,and she had being working As a tour guide more than 6 years.She has a great conmand of English and much knowleadge about Chinese history and culture,and the most important thing is that she is wiling to share all her knowleage with her clients,which made all the clients feel so much satisfied .

Jessica (Kou Wenjing)

Graduated from Shanxi Normal University with Master degree,Jessica has obtained more than ten years of working experience in language teaching and guiding. She is very independent, flexible and have very good communication and presentation skills. One of her greatest personality is to be optimistic and friendly,you will never see more laughters or smiles from the others.

Jim (Dang Yujun)

Jim graduated from English Department of  Xi'an International Studies University in 2000. He had been teaching English in Xi'an Petroleum University from 2000 to 2004. And then he changed his job to be an English-speaking tour guide and he has being working in tourism for almost 9 years in Xian. He is a true getlemen,who is very well-educated,well-mannered ,knowleagable,friendly and experienced,his slogan is :Treating the clients like your own families.